Exercise K



Project 3 Research


Environmental – Incorporate subject into becoming part of the environment, almost like hide and seek.

Formal- Nice portrait of my sister for her high school graduation.

Creative- I really like Gillian Wearing’s idea of utilizing masks.

Self- Image of my sister as I see a lot of myself in her but she’s holding a mirror and I am in the reflection.


Exercise G

Romo_Natalia_(Light and Shadow)


Places I went:

  • Claremont Photo
  • Costco
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Where is the best quality?

  • The best quality was definitely Claremont Photo.

What is the best match?

  • The best match was once again Claremont Photo they matched the blackĀ and white levels, contrast, and brightness greatly.

Where do you plan on printing for this class?

  • Since my parents have a Costco membership I will probably print at Costco since the quality is pretty good, and it’s cost effective.

What changes will you make to match to screen?

  • Because I plan on printing at Costco I intend to make the color temperature a little bluer, so, if I ever print in black and white again it doesn’t appear sepia.



For my traditional piece, I’d like to take a modern spin on the traditional still life, while I would still arrange my subjects in a traditional arrangement. However, I’d like to make it modern by spray painting all the subjects to be only two colors. Moreover, for my product I want to the focus to be all about the product itself, with little distraction, the leaf vine, would only further the message of the product which is “life”. Finally, as a reference to my culture, I want to make my food photograph on tacos. I would focus more on the ingredients, or perhaps the process of making salsa.