Ex K



Ex G


The top photo is from a professional printing place called Powell in Covina. The professional print matches well with the image displayed on my computer. The next three prints in order are from Walgreens, Cvs, and Kinkos. Walgreens and CVS quality seem the same in paper quality, but image quality is different. I would prefer CVS image quality then the other two. Kinkos print was to warm in contrast, and Walgreens print was too high in contrast. The customer service at Kinkos was bad overall, so I would not choose them to print. I would lower the white balance so that the CVS printer matches the computer screen.

Project 2 Hw

For Still Life I would want to shoot something simple and clean. I am still undecided on the regular still life photos, but for product and food, these examples show the direction I would like to go for. For product, I want to show the features of the shoe. Also, I would like to display the packaging of the product as well. Lastly the colors and composition would be another main focus of mine. I am still currently brainstorming.

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