Exercise K



Exercise G


  1. The places I went were Fullerton Photography, Target, Office Depot, Walmart, and Costco
  2. The best quality was Fullerton Photography.
  3. The best color match was also Fullerton Photography
  4. The place where I will print will most likely be Office Depot. They were the second best photos, but when I print them I would need to lower the amount of yellow in the image.

Project 2 Research


I decided to do a traditional still life based on toys that I found around the house. In my drawing I selected Legos, and I would not be surprised if I add them in my final piece. For the food piece I wanted to go with breakfast because it is my favorite meal of the day. Besides it gives me an excuse to take pictures of bacon. Finally, I selected to use soda cans for the product still life. I always loved the look of soda cans and discovering a way to make these cylindrical objects stand out will be entertaining.