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Top Down: Bill’s Camera – CVS – Target – FedEx – Staples


First of all, I’ve learned that Staples and FedEx do not provide 4×6 prints and print on regular printer paper. But disregarding that shortcoming, Staples’ print appears to be able to provide a better photo with more accurate blacks and a finer finish, whereas FedEx’s print is total shit more closely resembles laser printer quality, with washed out colors on lighter printing paper.

For the non-professional photos that did come out in the expected 4×6 format, I found that even though both CVS and Target use the same Kodak printing booth system, they came out differently. Target’s print revealed some odd coloration (even though the print is only in black and white), but it had darker and more accurate blacks. Target’s print also revealed better contrast, which is especially apparent in a black and white photo. In terms of texture quality, Target’s photo feels less glossy and doesn’t pick up fingerprints as well as CVS’s photo. Between the two, Target produced the better photo.

As expected, these pedestrian commercial stores pale in comparison to the professional printing service I chose, which was Bill’s Camera in Huntington Beach. It fares better in color fidelity, paper quality, and texture. The contrast is still not as good as the photo appears on screen, however it is more accurate than the others. The paper quality is heavier and doesn’t bend easily, and there is virtually no fingerprint sensitivity at all, probably due to the grainy/pleasant-feeling texture finish.

While Bill’s Camera turned out the best photo, I will most likely not be going there for future prints since it’s too far from where I live. I will expect to go to Claremont photo for future projects, since it is closer. I was just unable to go this weekend due to some circumstantial limitations (including the fact that they’re closed on Sunday).


Michael Nguyen

Still Life Research | Proj.2

Still Life Research



I plan to base my still life photos around emotional concepts, which in turn should create certain atmospheres or associated memories from the viewer. For instance, some of the traditional still life photos will try to convey a feeling of comfort, home, and peace. The song that I found that correlates to this concept is the chorus of Never Forget You, by Alex Schulz. The items that might help me convey these feelings are, as icon’d: Sunday morning papers, Sunday morning coffee, Sunday morning novels, Sundays mornings in general. The other still life types are represented by different methods, but the general big-picture idea remains the same.


Michael Nguyen