Ex. K



Ex G- Pri


List of Places:

  • Cal Poly Print Mail
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Cosco
  • Claremont Photos

Best Quality:

  • Claremont Photos

Best Color Match:

  • Claremont Photos

Where will you go in future?:

  • Claremont Photos

What adjustments o you need to match the screen?

  • I need to work on adjusting the color contrasts between light and dark, blues to yellows, red or green as necessary to make the picture look perfect. I shouldn’t make it too saturated because doing that would make it terrible.

Still Life Project 2 Research

There were so many ideas to think about how to approach this work as. From there, I have to assert in using much of the limited resources around my home or outside to finish off the task. I did took on most of the different approach that represents most of the aspects of me in life.

For traditional, I want to take a great shot of the angle overhead shot of a book or sketchbook with a pen with remains of a cup that is either coffee or tea and a laptop or a book. Within the book or sketchbook contains words that has some meaning as a part of the picture itself. Plants or other objects like printed photos scattered around are optional. This theme of the picture with the words written in ink by someone else represents the aspect of an idea of moving forward as a way to honor someone for 2 years.

Food was bit tough to come up with. I planned to set up or find one of the display setup with cooked food setup for Chinese New Years. There should be natural lighting somewhere in the area. Other idea was the basic setup of cooking based from the remaining ingredients for breakfast or dinner. Breakfast is another a plan to shoot to represent everyday morning people eat. It can be shot from either the main table or somewhere outside or inside the house.

For product, I want to create an aesthetic aspect of representing the nerd culture. I decided to shoot the clothing appeal of a nerdy person with different colors that represents the geek culture itself. There were some ideas of whether to use the concept by making them opposite to each other. I could make one of them monochromatic or complementary, but that depends. It can be on a colored background or shot on a different background that is either a table or somewhere else. Other idea was shoot a picture that represents the setup of the Dungeons and Dragons aspect itself which was optional.