Ex G

imageI went to CVS, Costco, Walgreens, Target, and Claremont Photo (top to bottom). Claremont was the highest quality image and also had the best color matching. If printing larger than a 4×6, I believe that I will use Walgreens because their print quality was the highest of the commercial ones that I tested. I will have to make minor adjustments to the color as it was not as vibrant as my screen. If printing 4×6, however, I think that I would be willing to pay for the high quality prints from Claremont Photo.

Still Life Research

When conjuring up images of what I wanted my still life photos to be simple, clean, monochromatic compositions came to mind. Settings like a creamy quartz countertop, all white bathroom and plain colored backdrops paired with front-view or overhead angles will help me to achieve my desired style. Although I tend to prefer white backgrounds, I also enjoy a pop of color when used modestly.


As someone who enjoys looking through cookbooks and food magazines, I want to present the food in bright lighting on a light surface with overhead lighting. I plan on incorporating several ingredients along with the composed dish. I feel that a solid, light background/countertop will help maintain focus in the subject and accentuate the texture and colors of the food/ingredients. 


I plan on presenting my product in a setting that enhances the product’s theme or brand by using only a few select hues that will create a calm and consistent mood. By selecting cleansing/hygiene/beauty products I can utilize a clean bathroom or kitchen setting that fits the item’s purpose and also provides me with a simplistic composition that will let the product remain the focal point. More conceptual designs like perfume bottles can also open the door for settings that pick up on the forms and shapes of the bottles.


Stephanie Gonot’s work was one that I found myself returning to during my research for traditional still life photos. Her monochromatic color schemes caught my eye and I plan on executing a similar style with objects (not food, although they are used in her images) placed in a fresh and minimalistic style.