Exercise O



Final Series Proposal

Tentative series name:

Urban Index


A series documenting the strange and personal phenomenon of trash and personal items seemingly out of context.


I want to use a longer focal length when shooting to try and create an intimate feel and bringing the surroundings in while still being able to get close details of the objects in question.


I’ve always had a fascination with trash and discarded items both in urban areas and nature, especially the sort that seems extremely out of place or personal. Sometimes they provide some unique character to a place, and other times its a testament to something you could find in any city in the world. Curious things like boxes of mail all from the same person, tossed on the side of the road. A toilet left in a parking lot covered in stickers. Cities are so strange because there are so many lives overlapped within the larger structure and the trash we leave behind is a strange connection we all share.

Special Equipment/techniques:

Probably a reflector or maybe even some portable lighting to illuminate the trash and really make it stand out in detail.

Output method and size:

Normal prints would work but I’m considering a letter sized booklet, almost like a catalog of experience in urban streets.