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ex O


Final Series Proposal

For the final project, I want to stick with a fun series that is interesting to look at. I’ve decided to go with an eating series.


Series Name: i’m hungry (might change)

Series Idea: Take pictures of people (might change to one person) eating, close-up, eating different types of food for each picture. I want to catch them mid-bite or mid eating, and catch them in their natural state.

Series Conditions: I want to shoot in an environmental setting, depending on where the model is eating. Ideally, I want to shoot in a restaurant setting with a busy background and to focus on the model eating.

Output Method: I want to convey a fun, natural feel with capturing them in their natural state, eating. I plan capturing the essence of eating and how people take a bite of a particular food. This is going to be a more laid back, muted series that can capture the intimacy between the model that’s eating and me (the companion they are eating with).

Prints: These pictures will be print on 8.5 x 11. IMG_3214