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Final Series Proposal




Noah Kendrix

Name: Testing High Conditions

Idea: I would like to focus on self, creative and environmental portraits of cannabis being consumed in different substances and the side effects from each substance. Execution: I would like to continue on using natural light, as well as experiment with new or most common source of light that is not sunlight. My series will consists of medium images with either one or none large images. Each image will have a different substance being consumed.

Why?: I want to focus on this series because I feel as though even marijuana is now state legal and it is being abused by people for their recreational pleasure, there are still anti-weed persons that need a good convincing that marijuana is not a bad drug, that it is actual more acceptable than alcohol,meth, lean or cocaine. I hope this series will convince the remaining anti-weed persons that marijuana is not a bad drug and to eventually and voluntarily try to consumer marijuana for their own reasonings.

Output Method & Size: My images will be straightforward and will be 8×10.