Exercise K


Portrait Research

For the majority of my shots, I will most likely be photographing myself because of my school and work schedule. I may be able to get pictures of some coworkers in the office space, but that may only be good for a couple of shots because the space is very limited. My self portrait shots will be in my room because that is where I spend most of my time at home. For the formal shots and environmental shots, I will most likely photograph my parents on a church day because of the different environments and plain walls. For the creative, I probably won’t have too many shots with faces and focus more on the body in different locations and props.  

Exercise G

1. Photo of prints
2. Original

3. Locations: CVS, CPP Copy n Mail, Rite Aid, Claremont Photo, Staples

4. The Best quality: Claremont Photo

5. I will print at CVS in the future, and I will have to adjust the vibrancy and or contrast.