Exercise K



Project 2 Research


For the product section, I use two different types of coffee cups. One from McDonalds and one from Starbucks. I am planning to use the cups to promote drinks primarily coffee.

For the food section, I use three eggs. Two were white eggs and one was brown. I choose this combination of eggs because I wanted to create a contrast with an odd number of eggs.

For the traditional section, I use the common item wine. To be more specific I choose items associated wine. I use different pictures to see which would interesting.


The top left is from Staples. The middle left is from Powell. The middle right is from CVS. The bottom left is from Costco. The bottom right is from Target.

  1. The Powell is the one that matches the color the most.
  2. The Powell is also the one that has the best quality.
  3. Costco is the second best and is cheaper and easier to access, so I would go there to print.
  4. I would have to do the exercise the correct way first and crop some of the right side of the picture to lessen the negative space in the picture.