Exercise K



Ex G

I printed the upper left one on paper in Office Depot, the blue background becomes darker than on my laptop screen. The one below it is from Target, the tint changed towards green a little bit, as well as the one from CVS, which is next to it. The upper right one is the professional one, which the colors look the same on the screen. The middle one is from Walmart, and its blue background becomes darker than on the screen.photos

Still Life Research

As I research on still life photography, I decided that I will do my traditional still life on a violin. I’m planing to put the violin on a white table, put some flowers around it and take the photo outdoor.

On the product, I decided to photograph a CD. I will put a headphone on its back and some other small things around to fill out some negative space.

On the food, I decided to take photo on bread. I will put bread together——some of them are cut into pieces, and put a cup of coffee on its side. A note sheet paper under the plate that bread is put on. Make the scene looks like someone is having breakfast.