1. (From Top to Bottom) Fullerton, Photographics, Walmart, Target, Staples
  2. The Best Quality was definitely from fullerton largely because they were the only printing place I went to that offered a luster option which I definitely think provided a better quality
  3. For Color Match Fullerton was almost 100% spot on however Walmart surprisingly was pretty close to what I was looking at on my screen which I thought was pretty interesting.
  4. I will most likely print at either Fullerton or Walmart, If I print at fullerton I wouldn’t really make any changes but for Walmart I would lighten the exposure just a little bit because I do think that they darkened my image from its original

Patrick Spann_Project 2 Research

Patrick_Spann_Project2.jpg For my still life I would like to portray motion or something with a more dynamic feeling to it. Especially for Product types of still life I feel that this is much more successful than some examples of regular still life. For my food still life Ithink that I could achieve this by portraying a scene in which i tell a story to the viewer. There is also the case, looking at still lives like ice cream or frozen food, where the food is undergoing some sort of change to its state; Capturing a change like this could lend itself to a very interesting still life however I feel it might be oversimplifying the overall reaction and success of the still life.