Portrait Research

  1. For the self portrait I am planning on using a mirror to reflect my face from. I also want the scale to be small almost like a photo on a frame. I will set up the area around the mirror to make it seem a lot more believable.
  2. For the environment shot I have the idea to use some fancy decor to depict an upperclass woman. It will have a royal theme as the decor I will be using will be gold with burgundy accents.
  3. For the simply portrait I am planning on using a pink wall. I will try various clothing color options that complement the wall. Also will be trying various facial expressions to depict the person.
  4. For the creative portrait I would like to recreate a famous painting. One I have in mind would be Madonna on the Rocks. I would shoot at a park that has large rocks and a lake.

Ex G

I printed at home, Walgreens, CVS, Costco, and Samy’s Camera. I think that Costco had the best quality overall from with the paper they used and the way the print showed crisp detail. They use the same fujicolor glossy paper as the expensive place called Samy’s Camera, but the Costco print was a lot cleaner meaning the colors weren’t smeared. The best match was probably the one I printed at home since I used Epson luster paper with a 9 ink Epson printer. The color on the print wasn’t too orange or too green it was very accurate to what was on screen. I would in the future print at either Costco or at home with the luster sheets. Also if I were to print at Costco I would have to lighten my print just a little bit so it matches my screen.