Exercise J



Project Two Research

I'm not exactly set on what I am going to photograph, but I picked up some ideas based on these photos I researched. I would like to make my images come to life, more so, tell a story with objects.The objective of this project is to photograph still life's, specifically, food, product, and traditional. 
To begin, I have a couple ideas on how to photograph food. First off I want to set food in unideal norms, for instance, soil, walls, blankets, etc.
 Moreover, for my traditional still life I would like to use grey shadows as a back drop in order make the setting dramatic. I really like the skull that many photographers used, mainly because it reminds me of Shakespeare's period, or the enlightenment period. I want to use elements that will make my image look old,using old objects with new(from our current time)objects .
Finally, for my product still life I would like to use video game controllers or I would like to use a series of a product in order to make a pattern. With legos maybe or toilet paper.

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