Ex K

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Ex G


1)  The print that best represented the original image was the target print (2nd print) because it was able to capture the dark’s in the image the best and the other photos were a bit more exposed than they were supposed to be.

2)The best quality would be the print from Walgreen’s (3rd print) although it is a little overexposed.

3) I would probably print at Walgreen’s and I will make the images a bit more underexposed and make the colors more vibrant to match the original image.

Still Life Reasearch

Still Life.jpg20170125_095519.jpg

For my Food product I chose ice cream. I wanted to create a nostalgic feeling in the image by showing the ice cream melting in someones hand. I would compliment the ice cream by putting other toppings that you would usually find on it; for example, almonds, nuts, or other pieces of chocolate.

For the Still Life I chose to represent soccer equipment. I chose a pair of cleats, a ball, a jersey, and some shinguard’s, and a soccer bag  to be placed on a bench. I want to place the items on a field to add to the concept of the entire image. I would also want the shot to be taken at night where there would be a lamp illuminating the equipment.

For the product I chose to represent a bottle of Sierra Nevada. I wanted to choose a natural outdoor scenery for this product since the label itself displays the Sierra Nevada mountains. I would like as much natural scenery for this product that resembles the color of the drink.