Exercise K



Project 2 Research

For food, I want to try photo shoot steak because they look legit and delicious always. I will try various angles, try to play around with different direction and rule of 3rd, and using warm environment to bring the dining atmosphere into the photos; hopefully, I will capture the steam that cooked food usually have to enhance the photographs.

For product, I will probably do high heels because I have a sister… LOL I will try put the product in different placements and play around with them. I will also try getting my sister to be my model so she wear the high heels while I photo shoot them to see how it goes. For background I will probably try many ways depending on how the high heel looks.

For traditional, I will photo shoot cups, mugs and other liquid container with some still life fruit objects for supporting. Why? I have a lot of mugs and cups also due to the fact that I have a sister… like to shop*. I will definitely put a cloth under for ground texture and background. By using darker lighting for light setting, I want to use this way to emphasize the subject for the photos which will primarily be cups and mugs.

Exercise G

20160419_085128top to bottom:

Kinkos, staples, BSC print&copy, powell camera

Best match and quality is from powell camera. I willprobably print there starting from now. What I need to improve on is my editing where not to change color dramatically.