Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name: 


State Idea: 

For this series I want to take images of shadow in different background

How will you execute idea? 

I plan to focus on exploring environmental elements and its simplicity which the addition that the shadow will be portray in. The series will consist of both long and shallow depth of field images. 

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish? 

I want to explore the aspect of identity in the wilderness. As human, we usually wanted to imprint our identity using foot or hand prints, names, etc… but I wanted to capture something to convey that idea but with the shadow instead, indicated a specific time that someone was there at a certain time. 

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? 

I plan to drive around looking for vast space for my background, which I know a couple of hiking trail around my place. 

Output Method and Size: 

For the series I plan on using traditional prints sized 11×17. But I wanted to create 9 different posters so that they can make up a bigger one. 

Portrait Research

For the portrait project, my ideas will mostly focus on myself. For the self portrait, I would take a picture of myself facing the sun so that the light to get two results: either light up my face, or cast shadow over it. For the environmental project, I would ask a friend to help me take a picture in a park. I would ask another friend who is good at painting or have a talent to take a picture for simple portrait. For creative, I would dress myself up for the part and just take the picture directly in the front.