Exercise K



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Wow I hate self-portraits, but, from the ideas I’ve seen mirrors and face painting seems like a fun way to sort of draw the focus away from me, and add more interesting and emotional elements. Tying in props and interesting lighting is going to be something that I’m going to pay attention to.


Capturing the whole space the person is in, including all of their stuff that is specific to them seems to be a big part of this section, so I plan to take pictures that show as much s possible, but also aren’t too busy. Keeping it simple sort of seems like the route id want to go, just enough to get the idea across, but not enough to overwhelm the viewer.


I really like the idea of paint on the face for this section, though I’m not sure how I will do it. I have some ideas of using geometric shapes painted on my face to add some interesting positive and negative space. I was also mulling over the idea of using lines.


I like the use of color and blurry backgrounds in these types of pictures, and the way that the subject is framed is framed is very balanced. There is also plenty of breathing room in the pictures. I like the idea of the dark deep black background, but it my be hard to do it without a proper studio.

Still Life Research

For the food category I really like the idea of steam, and the idea of making the food look sort of like a landscape, and using some landscape techniques when taking the pictures of my food. Hopefully this can give it a more interesting take on the food photography genre. I plan on doing close-ups for the most part.

For the product photography I plan to make the picture basically a hero shot, but with sufficient supporting subjects, and interesting backgrounds. I plan to do mostly full product shots, showing the entirety of the products.

For the traditional still life scenes I plan on creating compilations of items that convey a feeling, or a memory from my life. Hopefully I can make the shots feel like a window in to my personal life, and every day routines. Using objects that are similar in color and objects that contrast with that I plan to make the pictures balanced in all aspects.