Exercise K – Landscape



Still Life Research

Traditional– I will either take a still-life consisting of all my “everyday use” objects on my drafting table, the lighting will be dark with a warm light illuminating my desk. My second idea includes a single vase sitting on a white background. The lighting will be soft and will surround the vase perfectly, and in the vase will be a bouquet of art materials. I will rely heavily on symbolism using objects that represent art instead of flowers.

Food– for food, I had an idea to photograph a sandwich, the sandwich and the plate it sits on will be pristine but the counter upon which the plate sits on will be a mess. Condiments, scraps of food and utensils will be everywhere creating chaos.

Product– I’m choosing to use x-acto blades and utilize them in interesting ways. For one idea, I’m thinking of using an action shot where the blade is cutting through paper while a sliver lifts and folds over exposing the clean cut and the cutting board underneath. I have another idea which includes thicker paper, I will carefully cut out silhouettes of people which will be folded up to look like a page out of a popup book, their hands will be folded in a way where they can support the weight of an x-acto blade making it look like their holding it.

Exercise G


Top to Bottom:

  • Walgreens
  • Powell
  • Target
  • CVS
  • Walmart

Best Match: Walgreens

Best Quality: Powell

Where do I plan to buy?- I’m going to choose Walgreens, I will have to adjust the temperature to make it cooler as the print came out pretty warm.