Exercise K


Portrait Research

Self Portrait – For this category I was was thinking about recreating some of my childhood photos if I could find similar elements and clothes. I think it would be nice to play with this idea of nostalgia. I’m also interested in exploring light and reflections in this category.   

Environmental Portrait – For this type of portrait it would be nice to shoot one of my friends in her room because she has a lot of nice decorations that represent her personality and her culture. I was also thinking about taking pictures of my other friend while working on her project to show her concentration.    

Formal Portrait – In this category I plan to explore more the studio lighting and the background colors that can match with the feelings of the person that I will be taking photos. The subject for this category will be some of my friends and I will tell them to express their feelings through facial expressions.  

Creative Portrait – I was thinking about exploring sports photography like surfing, soccer or volleyball for this category. I am also interested in experiments with reflections and the motion blur to show the action. 

Exercise G

3. Cal Poly Art Print Lab, Walgrens, Walmart, Costco, Bill’s Camera 

4. The best quality print was the professional printing one, at Bill’s Camera, because the colors are more similar to the original file.

5. Costco and Walmart also have good printing and I might print there because of the cost. The editing will just need to push more the highlights and maybe less contrast since the object on the photo seems a little bit darker on these prints compared to the original file. I also liked the Cal Poly Art Print Lab. I would just add more the contrast and adjust the highlights since I feel that the print was kind of light. But overall the paper is good quality and and it is very convenient since it’s at school, so I might print there my future projects. 

Still Life Research

For the traditional still life, I want to use the things that I collect to bring this idea of memory and how these little things are important to me and make me remember something from the past. I was also thinking about showing the chaos on a desk of an architecture student. For that I think it would be fun to explore a dramatic, kind of dark lighting since I had a bad time while in architecture. For the product still life, I was thinking about taking pictures of my father’s products since he works with surf accessories. For that it would be nice to go to the beach and have the texture of the sand on the product. I was also thinking about shooting perfumes and connect them with other elements that create their fragrance. For the food still life it would be nice to have a prepared Brazilian meal since I am from there and explore the colors on the background that can represent Brazil and make the food pop out. For this section I also want to explore the different combinations of textures and colors that the food ingredients can bring.