Ex. K



Ex. G

I went to Claremont Photo, Target, CVS, Staples, and Office Max. By far, Claremont Photo (the professional printer) had the best photo/paper quality as well as color matching. For future prints, I will probably go to either Claremont Photo or CVS. If I print at CVS, I will adjust my image to make it slightly cooler.


Project 2 Research

For my project overall, I want to go for a more clean and sophisticated look. In terms of the traditional still life, I am drawn to darker, more moody atmospheres–which is the direction I want to take with that one. On the other hand, for the product still life, I’m thinking about taking a brighter, bolder, more editorial/fashion-oriented style. With that being said, I envision my product/subject being something along the lines of jewelry, perfume/makeup/cologne, or high heels. Lastly, for my food still life, I want to take sort of a middle ground between my two other still life photographs in terms of mood and aesthetics. I want my food photograph feel moody and rustic, yet playful and light at the same time.diep_robert_still-lifeimg_4299