Final Series

Series Name: Nephew

Idea: For this series, I want to focus on my nephew and take several aspects of his day to day life.

Execution: I plan on either taking candid photos of my nephew running and being a child, or take still lifes of things he enjoys, while also having him number the pictures or title them. I also want these photos to surround a larger portrait of him.

Importance: When I was little, I had a bunch of pictures of me running around and doing stuff. So I want to continue that with my nephew by shooting a series of pictures my nephew can look back at. I want people to see these photos and also remember their days as a small child.

Techniques/Conditions for Shooting: I plan on shooting environmental portraits from higher perspectives. I also want it to be as candid as possible except for one self portrait.Output and method size: I want to the larger photo to be printed on a bigger size, such as 11×17 with the smaller photos at 8.5×11.

Portrait Research

For self portraits I want to take either whole body shots of myself doing a different types of poses or close ups with dramatic lighting and obscured parts of my face
For my formal portraits I want to take photos where I am seated in an office chair trying to replicate a throne or something
For my environmental pictures I want to take pictures of me and my family existing at home doing different sorts of activities like watching TV, or helping parents with technology.
For my creative pictures I want to play around with motion blur and create feelings of tension, like moments before hitting the snooze button or before stepping on a lego.