Cain Sanchez, Research.


Since I will be shooting my gopro as my product, by looking at my research I know that it must be shot outdoors and must incorporate some type of activity being performed, however this will have to be indirect since I dont want to have any humans in my shot. My food research tells me that, both, matching the background to a color within the food or keeping a nice white background have a nice effect on food shots. I will most likely be shooting food with a background that complements the colors in the food. At last, I will be shooting a still life in low light with a long exposure, but adding spot light into specific items with a dimmed flashlight or spot light lamp.

Sanchez Cain Ex. g


In order: Cvs – Walgreens – Bronco copy & mail – AlphaGraphics

Best Match: Walgreens

Best quality: AlphaGraphics

I will most likely print at AlphaGraphics, however I will be adjusting the brightness since they printed it a litle dark.