Ex K



Exercise G


Order:(top to bottom) Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Fullerton Photographic

Best Match: Fullerton Photographic. The contrast was strongest in Fullerton Photographic. The blacks in the other photos were much lighter than the actual image.

Best Quality: Fullerton Photographic. The paper quality is much stronger than that of the others. The Fullerton print also has the sharpest image.

Where I will print: Fullerton Photographic. Out of these five Fullerton had by far the best print.

Adjustments: I found that the print was a little lighter than the actual image, so if I go back I might want to darken my image a bit.

Still Life Research

For the product still life I am going to use my boots. I plan on using a very dark background with intense lighting on the boots. I want them to look durable and also formal. In the food still life I want to focus on a home cooked pasta dish. I will use a spot in my home that is next to a window to capture the natural light. I want to try to focus on a homier feeling. For the traditional still life I want to use my bed and the mess I make around it (food, homework, trash). I also want to try and make my laptop the light source for this shot.contactsheet_01Ferguson_Sean_Sketch.jpg