Ex. J



Still Life: Reseach

I plan to shoot a range of items for my compositions (books, glasses etc.)  as well giving it a simplistic design per comp. I want to play with the negative space and lighting for them, giving color hue filters in my lighting (if possible). I want each subject to be exposed so it can be easily distinguished. Will have images where it will show how range of set or close-ups to the subjects, especially when it comes to products. I want to place a model but I hope it will not be the main focus of the image, but the product itself. Since I do have a white BG, I want to experiment with a darker background in the photo shoots.

Ex G


Print Listing Locations (in order)

  1. Claremont Print Shop
  2. Home Print
  3. Kinkos
  4. CPP Art Print Lab
  5. Staples

Best Quality:
In terms of paper quality, the print shop had the best, but the image does not match what I saw on my screen so that’s a little concerning. Kinkos had the nearly the right saturation colors of what was on the screen.

I may need to experiment and go check out other print places since 80% of them came out badly (paper/color wise). I will try out Costco for future prints or test-runs.