Portrait Research

I’ve attached my sketch thumbnails for this project and its for the self-portrait category. I’m not fond of having photos of myself, nor taking it. But for this project, I’ll try to branch out and make it playful and give insight on things I like to do (draw, read etc) as well having shots where it can describe my mood/how I am on a daily basis in environments I’m not fond of. Just to show like the detest of (for example) the hot weather/sunny day.




  1. Kinkos 2. Staples 3. Target 4. Claremont 5. Home

Original Image:

Which location had the best quality?
From the 5, I think Claremont did. It matched my image closer than the others, it’s just pricey :l

Which Location had the worst quality?
Definitely places like Kinkos/Staples. I knew Target had a thing of boosting up saturation of images. Home printing is not any future attempts since it’s not inkjet.

Where do you plan on printing for projects and what adjustments will you make?
I plan to try Walmart, I haven’t printed with them yet so will give that a test. Costco would be 2nd but after walmart test. I think adjustments to make is try to set up exposure. Since I have eye problems seeing monitors things are usually darker to me, so i have to play around with highlights and exposure to make sure its lit enough but while not making it super saturated.

Still Life Research


For my project, my idea for traditional still life is to do items that relate to me, as in, showcasing my hobbies. So for a few could be shoes collecting, art supplies, video games, cameras and the like. For product still life, I’d like to do accessories for clothes, but I know most accessories aren’t easily distinguish unless it has a fat brand label on it. Also, make up brands, not too big brands since I ain’t gonna spend like that. This one could be a little complicated but I know for sure can do a shoe Nike one. Then for ingredients still life, try to showcase recipes I like to make and then any other recipes I have around the house. Will definitely shop for some but I have to plan carefully since I don’t want to waste money early on than my errand period. Since food would most likely be the most complicated, I did few thumbnails for the recipes I’ll prioritize first.