Project 5 Proposal

Tentative Series Name:



For this series, I want to focus on the twelve months and depict things that represent that month for me.


I plan to shoot either portraits or still lives. If I choose portraits, I’d like to focus on environmental images that are naturally lit. If I decide on still lives, I plan on shooting without a studio and use natural light. I’d like to incorporate text to the images, but that is also depending on which type of photo I end up shooting.


This topic is important to me because it is meant to represent a personal story and show the intimacies of life. I want people to understand that there is not singular narrative in the world and that everyone has their own memories and traditions. I hope the series will accomplish empathy and understanding for other people.


I will need specific props to achieve my concept and possibly different environments as well.

Output Methods and Size:

I plan on using traditional prints in an 8.5×11 size. I want to keep the images small and intimate, so that when they are all placed together it appears cohesive. I imagine it like snapshots that when placed together appear like a stop motion.

Portrait Research

For the formal/simple portrait I was interested in photographing my sister in her bed. I want her to be dressed in her distinct style in the place she relaxes. For the self portrait I am focused on representing myself in my room where my personality is most prominent. I plan to be against my wall that has several wall hangings and represents me. For environment I plan on photographing a friend in their garage. It is an interesting space that tells a story. For the creative I am interested in using dramatic and colored lighting to emphasize the subject. I also want to play with reflections.