Exercise K- Landscape




Top to bottom Target,Costco,Walgreens, Fedex, and Samy’s Camera. Best quality and best Match would be Samy’s Camera. I think I plan to print at Samy’s  Camera its the one that gave me the best results as to looking similar to my original picture. Also the paper quality it better compare to the other places I went to print.




The one on the top left is from Costco the one on the top right from Fedex. The one from the lower left is from target and lower right is from Walgreens. The print at the bottom in the center is the one I got printed at Samy’s Camer (professional print). I feel the one from target is very saturated compare to the other pictures. As for Costco I feel that that colors are also saturated but in this case dark as well. Walgreens print is not too dark or too bright but its still doesn’t look like the original picture. Fedex and Samy’s Camera prints look very similar only difference is Fedex print seems to have a slightly glow.