grace chang final series proposal

Tentative Series Name
Nature up close
State Idea
For this project I want to take pictures of nature, but in a way to show all the details.
How will you execute idea?
I will use natural lights for this and make sure that details are the main focus of the shots, so most of these will be macros.
Why is this topic important?
There has been a lot of wake up calls that our planet is dying and especially in an area like California where we’re running extremely low on water and other natural resources. The culture of urbanization also has us become obsessed with what everything looks like on a grand scale and how it stands out. I want this series to ground us, to get a closer look at the little things in nature, slow down and appreciate what we have. I also want to emulate what Ansel Adams did with his photos of landscapes and other natural subjects.
Any special methods?
I might use unconventional methods to get a macro if my standard kit lens isn’t close enough, such as detaching the lens, putting it on backwards, and holding the aperture open with my fingers. Other than that
For the series I will print at a tabloid size, around 11 x 17 or larger, to capture the details as much as possible while also being at a decent size to carry around.

Grace Chang Project 2 research

               For the self portrait I will push being creative while wearing my mask. Although I wear the blue camo one the most often, I have a lot of masks and rotate between all of them depending on my mood or weather conditions. I will experiment with lighting to best show the fabric of the masks I have, as well as showing whatever is showing of my face such as my eyes and hair.

               The environmental portrait I plan to take pictures of someone at work at a messy desk, likely with piles of books and papers surrounding them. I already live with one such person, and the warm light around them really brings out how hard they’re working and what kind of dedication they have.

               For the simple portrait I plan to have someone posing toward the camera, showing who they are with both their face and body language. Since there’s going to be almost nothing in the background, everything that brings interest has to be in the subject themselves.

               The creative portrait I’ll experiment with the gels as well as other poses that aren’t usually shown in an artistic fashion, or the classic portrait poses.

Grace Chang Exercise G

I went to ENV print lab, CVS, Target, Rite Aid, and Fullerton Photographics for the professional print. The best quality print would have to be Rite Aid, it was the most color accurate compared to my screen. In the future I think I’ll print there of fullerton photographics, and for the latter I would have to lessen contrast.