EX K Landscape



Ex G- Printing


Photo 1- Walmart

Photo 2- Cvs

Photo 3- Target

Photo 4- Walgreens

Photo 5- Claremont Photo

Best match color wise is Cvs, but for contrast and exposure Claremont Photo is better.The Best Quality is Claremont Photo. I will be printing at Claremont photo and my back up will be Cvs.


Still Life Research

For my traditional still life photo I was thinking of using an old telephone I have and set itĀ against a red wall in evening light and maybe accessorize it with a newspaper. If not that I might use an animal skull with flowers around it shot in natural light. for my food still life I was planning on photographing dessert and have a party scene. The dessert will be colorful and be shot in natural light. for my product still photo I was thinking of shooting a perfume bottle surrounded by flowers. This will have a soft look and be colorful with natural lighting.