Exercise K



Project 3 Research


Beginning with the self portrait, I would like to take a picture of myself in an exciting background while most likely striking a dramatic pose. It may be ideal for me to take a picture climbing a tree while the sun is bright, but I need to check if I could really climb a tree and pose during a 10 second interval. For the environmental portrait, I would take a picture of a friend doing what they like doing during their free time. Since this one would have consent, I would be allowed to get a photo that isn’t just the back of their head when they are playing games on their laptop. For the simple portrait, I would probably photograph a friend holding a body pillow to give a sense of kindness, softness, or probably a high demand for sleep. I would consider other props in the mix to accentuate their character more. For the creative portrait, I believe it would be difficult to find a setup for me or my models to shoot in some sort of psychedelic background. The next best thing would be to shoot a dynamic photo such as having my friends play a sport such as basketball or water polo. I would have to take the photo at a high perspective where the lighting is good enough to capture the motion. I would still consider playing around with the color of the lighting if I want to go with a crazy background theme.

Exercise G


The best quality and match is the professional print from Samy’s Camera. They did their best to replicate what was shown on the screen before performing the final print as well as a choice of photo paper. I would choose to get my prints from Office Depot because they have a similar quality print when it comes to colors and lighting for a commercial printing price.

  1. Original Image
  2. Office Depot
  3. Samy’s Camera
  4. Target
  5. CVS
  6. Rite Aid