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14798940_1504849959528952_2050138211_n1. Fullerton Photography, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and Target

2. Fullerton Photography

3. Fullerton Photography

4. If I have time I would print at Fullerton Photography. If I don’t, I might print at either Walmart or CVS. If I were to print at Walmart of CVS, I’d make the image a little lighter/brighter because the images printed there are darker than the picture on screen.

Project 2 Research

For the product photography, I plan to take a picture of my Surface Pro 4 with other accessories such as mouse pad. For traditional still life photos, I want to take pictures of my writing utensils and place them sort of stacking on top of each other. For food, I probably want to take pictures of a bowl of rice with noodles on side. I haven’t really decided much for the food though.