Exercise – K



Project 3 Research

Project 2 – Research


For my still life project I would like to take picture of candy and some other colorful items for a narrative photograph. I want it to be about color and the context of the candy and the items together. For my food still life I would like to photograph take-out Mexican food in a take-out container and plasticware. I want to show the change in context the container and plasticware bring and as well have it focus on the food. For my product photo I want to photograph a soda bottle. I was inspired by the five star soda blog and their photography and wanted to create a still life set up as well.

Exercise – G


I found that the best print I got was from the professional printer, Powell Camera Shop. They took a little longer than Target and Walmart, but the quality was better. I was supposed to get my third print from Staples but their machine was out of order. My fourth print came from my inkjet at home. The only thing is I do not think I could print on anything else but glossy and semi gloss for photos for my printer at home. Overall I would probably go with Powell Camera Shop in the future.