ex K



Exercise G

Left to Right Powell, target, cvs walgreens

  1. Places- first is my professional store (Powell camera shop in Covina), 2nd is target, 3rd CVS, 4th Walgreens
  2. Best quality- Walgreens and CVS are probably tied cause they seem identical. ,Powell camera( paper is pretty light) Last would be target.
  3. Best color match- Powell matched great, target in second it was very close to Powell, Walgreens, and then CVS
  4. Where will i print? i think if i was on a low budget i would go to target but if i have some money to spend then to Powell.  They told me i had to crop it because the camera size is a little bit bigger than 4×6.



Research project two



When it comes to this project i feel like there is a lot of room for experimentation.  That is exactly what i plan to do using chemicals, water, fire etc.  One of the artists who really caught my eye was Marcel christ, who actually went to school for chemistry as  well as being a photographer.  His photos not only make you say how, but keep your eyes peeled on it.  I think for myself at least i will have the most fun with the product still life and the traditional will probably be the most difficult but it will be a good challenge.