Ex K



Proj 3 Research


Self Portrait

For my self portrait I want to incorporate multiple aspects into my shots. I look into dramatic lighting, and a long exposure to evoke more emotion. I either see myself throwing paint everywhere, and possibly doing a long exposure of that. Or have the paint already thrown, and have parts of my body moving.

On Location

For on location shots, I definitely want to take more documentary-type shots compared to posed. I like the idea of capturing the moment when someone is in their “zone.” It also adds a sense of dynamism that gives the shot more depth, and can also help with training the eye towards something.


The goal to this is having a simple background, I do want to try and recreate some traditional poses. I want to experiment with paint, or textures. Creating the person to have all the depth and intricacy against a simplistic background.


For creative I know I want to play with light and shadow. Shots either early in the morning that show how light hits the curvature of the body. I want to explore abstract perspectives of the body with the combination of light.

Prints Exercise G

The closest match was Claremont Photo Shop. Even though it was not a perfect match but it had the correct values of the photo with a little less contrast. The best quality would be Claremont Photos again because the paper quality is good, and there is more clarity in the details of the photo. For quality prints, I would go to Claremont, and add more contrast to my photo. Walmart for cheap because of the turn around, and paper quality, though I would tone down the green.