Sophie’s Series Proposal

Sample Sketch 1

Sophie Tu

Digital Photography

Sample Sketch 2
Sample Sketch 3
Sample Sketch 4

Prof. Rico


Tentative name: Precious

Idea: For this series, I will take photos of my son in his own environment.

Idea execution: The lighting I will be using is natural light or whatever light source available because my focus is environmental and simple portraits.

Why is it important to me?

Capturing his moments has always been my most favorite thing to do since the moment he was born. I have been taking thousands of pictures of him almost every day although sometimes activities repeat, I still want to see the changes in him each day. Moreover, he will soon be growing to the age that childish naivety, cute and silly moments gradually cease to exist. So, I have to take advantage to capture and hold on to those moments as long as I can before they disappear. Most importantly, I can pass down to my son’s kids so that they can learn about how their father’s childhood life was like and feel grateful for what they have while their father did not have.

What do I want people to understand?

Hopefully I can deploy some techniques, if not all, and whatever I’ve learned from this class to create a successful and beautiful series. I want people to understand and see through my series that wonderful moments of your most beloved ones cannot be bought. In my opinion, money could always be re-earned if you lost it, but once memory gone, it could never be found again.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I think I just need tripod and probably rent a better lens to capture more quality photos if it’s affordable. The techniques are probably all what I learned so far and maybe do more of the spanning because my son loves movement activities. I will have to refine my skills in night photo and life painting so that my selection can be more in wider range.

Output methods and size: I will probably make a photo book with a special material similar to canvas and the size is probably half of 8.5×11 because it’s really pricey.

4 sample sketches: I will attach the 4 sketches along with this paper.