Exercise J – Outdoor Portrait



@ Bill’s Camera – professional

1- I think this place was one out of the 5 places with the better image although the color wasn’t very close to the original. The color of the water was more darker on the blue side but the skin complexion is more true to the real life than the rest of them. The paper quality is the not as great as Print Lab and Walgreen.

2- I’d print at this place again in the future due to its inexpensiveness, flexibility, and the style of printing: C-print.

3- The adjustment I’d make is to reduce the blue and tone up the white balance a bit.

@ Costco

1- Costco gives a good quality image in terms of color but the paper quality is okay, thinner than Print Lab and Walgreen.

2- It’s the cheapest of all 5 so I’d print again at this place.

3- I like the tone in this image the most. But it looks a little under saturate so I’d dial up the blacks a little.

@ Print Lab

1- The quality of the paper is the best out of 5. I don’t like the the color much because it looks saturated. The water is very crystal blue and the skin complexion is pale.

2- This is the most costly out of 5 and business hour is not very convenient. But I’d print this place again if they make it more flexible.

3- The adjustment I’d make is to bring down the saturation by adjusting the black and shadows.

@ Walgreen

1- The print quality is good but I do not like the overall color. It appears too yellow somehow. But the paper quality is nearly great as Print Lab.

2- I’m not sure if I like to print here although it’s only 3 minutes from my house. Of all the 5 images, this is the only image has a strange yellow-ish, green-ish skin complexion.

3- I’d adjust the vibrance level and probably the temp.

@ Walmart

1- Walmart has the average quality print. The skin complexion is way too pale but I like the color of the water. The paper quality is thin like Costco’s.

2- This place would be my last resort. But if I need to print out last minute, this place would be my best option because I can get my prints immediately plus it’s the second cheapest besides Costco.

3- I’d adjust the contrast to make the skin a little darker.