Tentative Series Name:


State Idea: 

For this series I want to demonstrate the different expressions individual make while swimming the same stroke. 

How will you execute idea?

I’m planning on taking close-up photos of the swimmer to show the intensity of their face while swimming. I’m also planning on taking the photos in natural light. 

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

Swimming was a huge part of my life and I’ve always loved the picture that photographers would take of my team and I while we would swim our events. The reason why I loved the pictures is because of the facial expression that we would make. It shows strength, commitment, and passion to the event you’re swimming. The big idea that I want to portray is that, we all swim the same stroke, but our facial expression is what makes us unique.  

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? 

Since the picture will be taken in action, I would probably not need anything, besides, maybe, a tripod.

Output Method and Size:

For this series I plan on printing the images 9.5×14. I like the images when it is printed in a big scale, but I don’t want the poster to be too big because I’m also planning on giving them to the individual in case, they would like to have it. So, of course, I’m printing it in photo paper, or poster paper. 


Portrait Research

An idea that I have for self portrait is me sitting on my desk doing homework late at night with a tear going through my cheek. For my environmental, I want to take a picture of my high school swim coach in her office. My coach has been coaching in my high school for 20 years and she has pictures of her past students up so I want her sitting on top of her desk next to her pictures as a way of showing her life as a coach at that school. For my formal, I’m not really sure what to do yet but for the time being, I think it’d be cool to just have someone pose and try the neon color papers. Lastly, for the creative, I think it’d be super cool to take pictures of a swimmer by one side of the pool looking tired and exhausted from practicing.