Exercise K



Still Life Research


For this project, I am leaning towards creating clean, minimalistic, and monochromatic spaces for all of the three types of still life photographs. Specifically for the food photography, in addition to the base style I’m aiming to execute, I would love to incorporate a fun and surprising food element in the food subject I photograph. As for the product photographs, I like the idea of elevating the products onto little pedestals. Since we are creating photographs that are meant to advertise the product, I think photographing my product in a space such as this does it in a straightforward and effective manner. Finally, my plan for the traditional still life photos is to place the objects as well as design my space in a dynamic and (for lack of a better word) a “kooky” way.


Exercise G



Order of Photos:

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Kinko’s
  4. Staples

There are no exact matches, however, the closest one would probably be from the CVS print.

The best quality from the bunch came from Walgreens… Good job, Walgreens.

I don’t actually have a place in mind yet because the prints I have are nothing like my digital photo, but I’m still waiting for my prints to arrive from Bay Photo (where I paid for two-day shipping, but it still hasn’t arrived and it’s been three days, but no biggie) and then I think I am going to decide from there. I noticed from other prints from the class that the Claremont Photo and Costco options produced pretty great prints, so I think those are going to be my priority next time.