Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:


State Idea: I want to focus on images of significant locations since I’ve moved to Pomona with a side by side of images from Sacramento.

How will you execute your idea?

I will execute this project by focusing on the buildings and signage of important locations in Pomona that I’ve become close and connected to. I believe this will be long and medium length images, that capture storefront/signage. I will also focus on shooting the same images but in Sacramento at my equally favorite places. I will shoot the buildings and signs in Pomona at a deep depth of field and my portraits in Sacramento will be with shallow. 

Why is this series important to you? What do you want others to understand? What do I hope to accomplish?

For this project I want to convey the connection and possible disconnection between my life in Pomona and my life in Sacramento. I’d really like to convey a sense of difference in lifestyle. For instance, in Pomona I want to focus on the buildings and signage but for my images in Sacramento, I want to focus on portraits of the people I usually go to places with. Example: Take a picture of my favorite pho restaurant in Pomona and then in a side by side comparison, include a portrait of my grandfather in Sacramento eating pho. I want to convey a sense of loneliness in Pomona, in comparison, to my family filled life in Sacramento. I hope to convey this feeling on loneliness in a neutral way, not negative or positive. I plan to achieve this analysis on loneliness because the images will possibly seem like they are from the same place/time, when in actuality they are hundreds of miles and days apart. 

Any equipment, conditions, or techniques?

I plan on shooting a lot of Pomona at night time, which may be dangerous so I will take a friend. Additionally, I will use a tripod since my shutter speed will have to slow down due to the low lighting. 

Output method and sizing:

Still considering sizing, however I do want to include two photos side by side and a written note for each. I plan on getting it printed out on 11×17 (possibly bigger) with the image two images stacked vertically right after another and at the bottom will include my note. 

Portrait Research

For my self portait I’d like to utilize a mirror to create cool angles and incorporate background textures. For my traditional portrait I’d like to take a picture of my friend posed in a nice setting like LA. For my environmental one, I’d like to take a picture of a create inside their studio/workspace. For my creative photo, I will spend money on flowers or fruit loops and put them in my bathtub, and create some cool photos that way.

Still Life Research


Traditional: For my traditional still life I want to take pictures of a pair of my shoes. Preferably I’d like to do my favorite vans. I’d like my vans to be placed amongst a pastel pink shoe box, and other pastel colors. I’d like to use the bottom “waffle,” print on the vans as a literal waffle and pour syrup making the picture very sticky and pastel.

Food: For my food still life I plan on making ramen, probably top Ramen from home, adding some vegetables and other goodies on top to make it look expensive. I think adding a knife, fork, and a nice wood grain background would make the ramen pop.

Product: For my product shot I’d like to practice shooting some of my custom clothes. This will be good for future advertising that I must do for my brand. I’d like to shoot a shirt with objects like squares and boxes that juxtapose the organic forms the shirt will create.

Exercise G: Print

All Prints. Labeled.

Original file.

For my prints I went to Walmart, Target, CVS, print lab, and Claremont Photo and Video. The best quality print came from Claremont Photo and Video. The next best print was from Walmart based on paper and print quality. In the future I will print at Walmart. However, I will edit the highlights to be toned down since my Walmart prints have bright highlights.