Photo Apr 21, 3 16 47 AM

I like things that are simple or have a strong focal point for photography so I wanted to try to follow that.
For the ideas on food, one idea is to have a place setting but then the glass has the liquid in is skewed to it give the impression that the place setting is at an angle (I figured out a way to make this), or a very bright tomato or another fruit that generally wouldn’t be eaten alone with a fork and knife being cut up.
For the “traditional” category I was thinking a still of my life in a way, either studying (with flowers in the light to show ideas/distractions), or my medical supplies, being that I’m type one diabetic.
For the product, I want to do make up. I love how makeup is a way to paint, with a really unique. The top is lipstick, showing off how strong the color is, while the bottom would be foundation or something thrown down to show a sort of tension, and the contrast between this very smooth synthetic substance and actual skin.