Project 3 Artist Examples


Self: I plan to show parts of myself, similar to Vivian Mayer’s photos, in a way that shows other parts of me personality or things I enjoy, similar to Cindy Sherman’s dress-up portraits. I will probably have multiple photos that fully show this idea properly, with my final pick for printing being one out of the collection.

Environment/Location: This category feels like the most complicated to plan, so I wanted to keep it simple and use someone’s room and photograph them in it, arranging it in a way that shows who they are. Paul Davis’s photos were incredible and a great inspiration for ideas on how to pick a location and have the person dress accordingly to match the scene.

Simple/Formal: I will be doing professional headshots for my friend who needs them for her profile. I wanted to experiment with different backgrounds since having a blurred out yet dynamic background made for very interesting photos, as opposed to plain, solid backdrops. The pose of the person is also very important, as they should look confident, like the third example I have, so I want to incorporate all those elements to make a great headshot.

Creative: Since I love makeup and cosplay designs, I wanted to do a photoshoot for 2 of my friends, one in full cosplay and the other showcasing a makeup look. I am a fan of showing detail and textures so my photos will try and imitate the third example, by Paul Davis, for both shoots.

ExG Printing

Ex. G Questions

The places I printed (in order of that they’re pinned) were Claremont Photo, Walgreens, CVS, and Office Depot. The overall best quality was obviously the Claremont Photo. Walgreens has very good quality in detail, but I can start to see small lines, showing that it was a faster print, and the color is slightly off. The CVS print had the most accurate color, looking just like the Claremont Photo print, but the highlights were blown out and there’s a clear line of where the sunset and tree line meet, where the Walgreens and Claremont prints were able to blend that. The Office Depot print was just awful, as the colors in the background were just blended into one as opposed to the gradient they should have been, and the highlights are blown out more than the CVS one. I have yet to try the CPP print lab, which I couldn’t use because their schedule doesn’t match mine at all, but if I can figure out a time for them then I will probably print here for convenience. If not, I’ll use Walgreens for my prints since it is next to my house and had the best quality, aside from the small lines.

Still Life Ideas

Still Life Ideas


For the traditional photoshoot, I plan to use sand, cups, a pitcher, and balloons as my main items. I want to push the concept of “still” life and add the idea of movement through my image using the sand about to fall and balloons in midair to create tension. I also want to have lots of colors to have a vibrant photo with different kinds of lighting reflecting off the balloons.


For the product showcasing, I want to do a soda brand, probably Pepsi, and show the dynamic and energetic mood that revolves around most sodas. I plan to have the soda being “thrown” up in the air from a person’s hand, adding some water to the bottle so it looks more refreshing and like it is splashing out its freshness. Possible addition of glares in post to make the bottle really shine.


For the food and ingredients photoshoot, I will have a table setup with baking materials to a cake (or cookies). After seeing the style of Romulo Yanes and other photographs that use similar styles, I am going to use a top down view of the ingredients that shows the ingredients in a more natural layout, as if they were being used. I also love the dramatic lighting used in many of these pictures so I plan to have heavy contrast in my lighting and my colors.