Exercise K



Still Life Research

For Food Photography, I’m planning on shooting an avocado, tomato, and a runny sunny side up egg on toast on a low side angle view. The food will have a nice balance of colors to attract the attention of the viewer. The background would be on a wooden table to show the slightly rustic side of the image, yet showing the healthy balance diet of the breakfast. Ideally, the image should be shot close up at a side view and most of the highlights should come from the runny yolk from the egg.

For Product Photography, I want to use a drink that a lot of people drink wherever they go out for picnics or lunch, such as Capri-Sun or maybe Hawaiian Punch. This will be shot at a worm’s eye view in a semi-wide depth of field. It would be either shot with a variety of fruits that goes in to making that juice or punch with the different packages they come in, or it could be the setting of an everyday picnic with other foods in the background but out of focus. The main focus would be the juice/punch laying on the grass.

For Traditional Still-life Photography, I want to go about photographing fruits such as apples, or maybe other household items or school supplies but arranged in a different way. For the fruits, it could be arranged like a pyramid and shot at the side or edge going along the side, to show depth and perception. If it was household items or school supplies, it would be shot in an average day to day setting and things would be placed in a way that it looks like it’s an average setting, but each object or subject within it has been placed in a way to lead in the eyes with the connecting lines.

Exercise G

  1. CVS
  2. Walgreens
  3. Target
  4. Art Print Lab

    The best match has to be Walgreens. The only thing is that the exposure was a little to high. At CVS and Target, the exposure was really low, making my image turn out a lot darker that it really is.

    The best quality has to be Walgreens as well because I can see all the little details and textures in the image compared to the others because I felt that the change in colors with the prints altered the quality.

    I plan on printing Walgreens, but to perfectly match what I want to go for on my screen, I would have to lower the exposure a little bit and lower the saturation.

Exercise D

Due to consecutive board meetings during the day, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the time of the sunset, and due to the area I live in, it was cloudy at sunrise, so I wasn’t able to take pictures at that time. I tried my best to work with the situation given. 😦Pham_Janelle_ExD