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Ex G

20170124_085633-2The places I went to are Claremont Photo, Staples, CVS, Target, and Walmart. Overall I believe that the best quality photo is at Claremont (bottom photo). The color match was spot-on, while places like Target (second to top) and CVS (third to top) were far from being color matched. Target and CVS pretty much printed the same because I realized that the photos were both printed on Kodak printers. Walmart (top) I believe was the worst because it completely distorted the colors. In the future I plan on printing solely at Claremont Photo because it was the best quality photo, photo paper, and it actually gave me an option if I wanted matte or luster unlike Target. If somehow I don’t have time to go all the way to Claremont, my last resort would to be to go to Target. To color match this, since the photos came out very saturated to where it looked disgusting, I’d have to lower the overall saturation and maybe lower the yellow saturation as well.

Project 2 Research

stilllifecontactsheetBrainstorm Paragraph: For food photography, I plan on shooting a plain meal / everyday food ideas such as maybe breakfast, fruit or vegetables cut up into pieces, which will be placed in an aesthetically pleasing way. I plan on using color as a strategy to get the viewers attention and making it stand out so much to the point where its so minimal, that the simplicity in the subjects in my photos will explain itself. For product photography, I plan on using simple objects as well. I was thinking of using a book or another misc item placed with a background to go with my color theme. For the traditional still life photo, I plan on photographing a collection of tape that I have while also using the color theme I’m continuing.