Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

A Tribute to Tech 


I would like to complete a series showing all the technology I use on a daily basis.  


I will complete this series by using artistic license to take pictures of each facet of technology I use every day. This does not only include electronic devices but utensils, and other household items that also count as technology. 

Why this topic is important to me:

As someone who loves looking towards the future to see what new technologies will arrive to make our lives easier, I’d also like to take a step back to think about all the tech I already have and don’t even think about it most of the time. I would like the audience to think about life without the things seen in my images.  

Special considerations: 

I don’t believe there is anything particularly special I will need to shoot these images. I will just need to make a comprehensible list of them and execute it well 

Output Method and Size:

My images will most likely be printed at 8 by 10. I am unsure of how I will present all of them together, but I would like to have each one depicting a different form of technology. For example, one image could focus solely on sound tech and another entertainment.  


Here are some thoughts on how I might accomplish this.

Project 2 Research


For my initial self portrait, I plan to be hiding my face behind my hands. I will take the picture from behind so only the back of my head is showing. Using a mirror I will add paint of marker to graffiti it over myself or make it dirty. I hope to capture my love of art but insecurities about doing well or being up to par on it. 


For my locational self portrait, I plan to take a picture of my little brother in his room. He likes action figures so he has placed them all around his room in various places he also is very messy. I’m hoping to capture him in his natural habitat so it’ll be easier to gain knowledge about him based on the image. 


For my normal background, I plan to wear all black and lean on a bright with wall. There should be a dramatic contact, enough to make me appear very dark compared to the rest. This will be a simple image but a meaningful one in my eyes. It expresses my thoughts on diversity. 


For my creative image i plan to appear drowning in random things: clothes books, toys, whatever I can find. My hand and maybe an eye will be the only things visible to the camera as I want to capture a look of desperation. However I want it to be ironic as none of the things I am drowning in pose a threat to me in anyway. I want to capture the self made pressure that we put on ourselves.