Ex K



Ex G – Pic of 5


Places: Claremont Photo, Costco, Walgreens, Staples, FedEx

Best Quality: The best quality came from Claremont Photo with a pretty close match with Costco.

Best Color Match: Both Costco and Claremont Photo were close in color to each other.

Where will you go in the future? I would probably choose either Claremont Photo or Costco.

What adjustments do you need to match screen? The color came out a little warmer than on screen. So the adjustments I would need to make would be to bring the temperature down into the negative.

Still Life – Research




When it comes to photographing food still life, I’m going to look at some work by Annabelle Breakey’s work. I plan to focus on the foods in my kitchen already and the different ways I prepare the foods.


When it comes to traditional still life, there were many photographers who had different styles and what they used as their subjects. So sticking to what is around my house and down by the local park I think I’ll have good ideas for the shoot.


As for my “product” still life, I’m interested in how Sam Kaplan lays out his product when shooting his pieces. The different uses that the product is used and what it’s intended purpose is. One of my sketches I focus on the dog food. I might incorporate just the food in general, and maybe also have a photo with my dog in it.