Tentative Series Name: Up Close and Personal

State Idea: To take photos using a macro lens of things really up close

How will you execute idea? I want to have all of these up close objects on a black (or maybe white) background. I don’t have an exact set of ideas for what i want to photograph yet, but it’ll probably include people, plants and animals

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you
hope this series will accomplish?
I pretty much wanted to show things very up close and personal that are very important to me. I hope to show how much i’ve improved in photography.

Output Method and Size:
Im going to be printing on 8×12

Project 3 Research

For the Self Portrait I really wanted to use one of those colored smoke bomb things, but since they are kind of expensive for my taste I want to use my hair a lot in the photos. My hair is finally becoming as long as I dreamed of it being when I was a kid, but soon im going to chop it all off because of how heavy it is. I want to be able to document it in its full glory by having it be sort of in my face and messy.

For the Environmental photo I want to take photos in a library and have my friends pose in the aisles and with the books. I know a lot of my friends love to read, and also love to go to the library. I feel like I could really get some good photos from that.

For the Simple photo I like the idea of using a chair or stool and having somebody sitting on it while taking the photo. I also like the idea of the clothing being the same color as the background so I might use that too.

Finally for the Creative photo, I want to have someone that is good at makeup pose for me up close. I like seeing either really complicated or really simple makeup up close.