Exercise K

Exercise K.jpg


Portrait Research



Self – I want to take photos of myself laughing and looking off camera to make it seem very natural and candid

Environmental – I will take photos of my mother who loves gardening surrounded by her tools and plants that she cares for

Formal – I want to have fun with this one especially so I would love to do some bizarre runway-esque makeup on my model

Creative – I want to try taking fashion photography for this one with very chic poses that accentuate the body and the clothing presented.

Exercise G


Where is the best quality? The best quality is at Walgreens. The photo from there is as sharp as the original photo.

What is the best match? The best match for color is CPP print lab. Walgreens is the second closest and has the best clarity.

Where do you plan on printing for the class? I plan on printing at Walgreens.

What changes will you make to match the screen? I’ll have to make the photo cooler in tone on my computer since Walgreens prints warmer than I want.