Exercise J



Exercise G


Top Left: CVS
Top Right: Rite Aid
Bottom Left: Samy’s Camera
Bottom Right: CPP Art Print Lab

The best match and quality was done by Samy’s Camera. It was done on matte paper rather than glossy like the others, but the reflections in the photo are so defined it feels glossy. I think I would prefer matte or luster photo paper because it does not reflect light as much as glossy does so it is easier to read. Although I would like to revisit Samy’s Camera for printing my future projects, my wallet disagrees, and I think my second choice out of the group is Rite Aid because the colors are still true.

Still Life Research



For the food still life I’d like to show the process of how a dish is created. This would include ingredients laid out, or a before and after arrangement next to each other. I’d also like the textures of the ingredients to be apparent. Maybe it could convey the emotions of the person who is going to indulge on it too?

For the product still life I’d like to photograph a few of my favorite brands. I would like to somehow convey the history of how the particular item came to be, or even show the product in action. For example, I could place my Dr. Martens in a grassy/muddy field showing that the designer created them as military combat boots before their rise as a subculture fashion statement.

For the traditional still life I want the photo to tell a story. Maybe somebody has all their luggage packed up by the door and is ready to travel OR maybe I could show my rescue’s treats, toys, and collar to show that she’s living a better life OR I could show an outfit and accessories for girls night out? I’m not sure which one yet.