Ex G


The photo order goes as followed. The first photo was from the professional printing location and the rest in order goes Walgreens, Staples, Fedex, and CVS. The main difference between all these photos is the differentiation in color. Two of the photos look much warmer than the other three.

Still Life


For my still life photography I want to play around with photographing nutcrackers. I used to collect them and I think if I could position them well, they could look visually interesting. For product photography I want to venture into the world of Funko. I really enjoy Funko as a brand particularly their POP! line. It would also be a challenge since Funko doesn’t do much for them in their own product photos. Lastly for food, I want to play around with taking pictures showing the process of making a meal. I love looking at rustic messy things and i could play around with that a lot in food.